Research Fellows

List of Supervised MPhil/ PhD awardee


Name Year


MPhil Ms. Ruksana Bilkis


Evaluation of Environmental Education in Secondary Level (Grade VI-X) Curriculum of Bangladesh
PhD Md. Ruhul Amin


Impact of Climate Change and People’s Perception on Malaria, Cholera and Visceral Leishmaniasis Prevalence at Major Affected Areas in Bangladesh

List of PhD researchers


Name Session


1 Munir Hossain 2008 Environmental impact of radio-active  elements on water bodies of the coastal area of the Cox’s Bazar district and determination of the mitigation measures
2 Kazi Farhed Iqubal 2008 Analysis of Adaptive Capacity against Climate Change and Variability in Fisheries at the Riverine System Confluence of Bangladesh
3 Dilara Khanum 2008 Investigation on the effect of heavy metal in the fresh water  ecosystem around DEPZ
4 Ashim Kumar Saha 2009 Effect of soil amendments with tea garden wastes, lime and  micronutrients on the quality and yield of tea in some selected gardens of Sylhet, Bangladesh
5 Mohammed Solaiman Haider 2009 Detection of Changes in the Sundarban Mangroves with relation to recent cyclones
6 Md. Golam Rabbani 2009 Climate change impacts on small isolated wetlands (Pond) and associated livelihoods in coastal region of Bangladesh
7 Mohammed Jamal Uddin 2009 Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerabilities of Coastal Region of Bangladesh
8 Tapas Ranjan Chakraborty 2010 Addressing climate change through Mitigation and Adaptation toward sustainable development of Haor ecosystem in Bangladesh
9 A.S.M. Shahabuddin 2010 Impact of Climate Change on Urban Health and Adaptation Options
10 Pradosh Kanti Dash 2011 Environmental Management of existing Sewerage System of Dhaka City
11 Rekha Rani 2011 Effects of Flooding On the Accumulation Of Pollutants in the Soils of Industrial Waste Water Polluted Areas of Savar and Dhamrai
12 Md. Monwarul Islam 2011 Evaluation of Water Related Disaster Management in Bangladesh
13 Prabal Barua 2012 Sustainable Adaptation in Responses to Climate Change for South-Eastern Coast of Bangladesh
14 Md. Arifur Rahman 2012 Investigation on vulnerability and impact assessment  of Turag  riverside dwellers due to water pollution
15 Md. Kamrul Islam 2012 Study on crop water requirement in one of hydro ecological regions of Bangladesh taking into consideration of climate change
16 Md. Mokhlesur Rahman 2013 Evaluation of carbon stock in three different species in the hilly region of Bangladesh
17 Md. Afzal Hossain Bhuiyan 2013 Adaptation of Farming Practices and Performance of different Potential Cropping Pattern under tidal flood situation in Response to Climate Change in Selected Southern Areas of Bangladesh
18 Sakila Sarmin 2013 Limnological   variables     and   Aquatic diversity of some selected lakes  in relation  to aquatic birds of Jahangirnagar University campus, Savar, Bangladesh
19 Khandaker Asaduzzaman 2014 Trends and Sustainability of ground wate in highly stressed aquifers in Asulia area, Dhaka considering nearby industrial influence
20 Rashedul Hasan 2015 Trans-boundary water quality analysis of Haora River, an environmental approach to address river ecosystem
21 Farah Deeba 2017 Study on radon concentration and radioactivity in soil and water in the coastal areas of Bangladesh for hydrogeological and environmental radiological assessment

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