I am Syed Hafizur Rahman, Professor at Department of Environmental Sciences, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. I have been involved in multi-disciplinary environmental research since 1994-1995. My research interests have been on water related climate change issues, climate change adaptation technologies, water resource management, abatement of water pollution, treatment of waste water and surface water using EC technology. I have developed an interest in multidisciplinary research on complex issues relating to climate change and its effects on micro-environment. I have been doing research on vulnerability and impact assessment for climate change, ecosystem-based adaptation and sustainable adaptation due to climate change.

I have training on teaching (TOT) Disaster Management in graduate level. I have completed a project entitled ‘Climate Change Adaptation practices in Thirty Agroecological Zones (AEZs) of Bangladesh’ funded by OXFAM UK in 2009.

Moreover, under my leadership, Department of Environmental Sciences of Jahangirnagar University have organised five days training programme on Disaster Management for graduate students in 2009 which was funded by CDMP, Bangladesh. I implemented a World Bank funded HEQEP subproject entitled ‘Improvement of Classroom and Laboratory based teaching-learning facilities in the Department of Environmental Sciences, Jahangirnagar University’ as Subproject Manager (2011-2012).